Help Susie and Kevin – Updated 10.24.11

WE DID IT! Thanks to this amazing community, the friends and family of Susie and Kevin and the kindness of strangers we had a hugely successful fundraiser. Friday night was a great night and we are so very grateful to all that volunteers who made this happen. 

On September 11 there was an early morning house fire at Susie Tofani O’Brien and her husband Kevin O’Brien’s home in Searsmont. The important news is that Susie and Kevin are safe, as are their dogs and 5 chickens. They have lost everything in their home as well as Kevin’s truck and van. Our goal is to use this page to update friends and family, organize a fundraiser and begin of list of things/actions that will help the amazing couple.

You can read about the fire, and see pictures of the house in the Waldo Village Soup. Or, another current article published in the Bangor Daily News.


If you are able to help Susie and Kevin by donating immediately, please click on the Paypal button at the top-right corner of this page. Also, beginning on Thursday, September 14th, you can donate in person or by mail to the O’Brien Fire Fund at any Camden National Bank branch.

Please forward this page on to anyone you know who might also be interested in helping Susie and Kevin:

Thank you in advance!!

  • HELP NOW!!

    If you're able to help Susie and Kevin by donating immediately, please click on the PayPal Button below.
  • photo by becca wood photography


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